Farmland Investment

Terra Estate GmbH & Co. KG is currently active in building up its investment portfolio. Having started with investment in EU countries, we have successfully built solid portfolios in Germany, United Kingdom, Latvia and Estonia. In keeping with our diversification strategy, we have started to look beyond EU for attractive investment opportunities. Since 2014 we successfully invest in farmland in Uruguay.

Along with regular farmland investment, we have elaborated flexible schemes offering the current land owners favourable options to lease back or to re-purchase the land. We would be interested to consider sales which comply with our several criteria as described below.

Farmland:Farm manager in Uruguay

  • freehold
  • is situated in EU, Latin America or Canada
  • has the size of at least 40 ha (100 acres)
  • good land fertility (in Germany starting from 35BP)


  • is situated in EU, Latin America or Canada
  • has the size of at least 40 ha (100 acres)
  • under any type of use
  • minimum average maturity – from 60 years


If you are:

  • a land owner who does not operate the farm and is interested to sell,
  • a land owner who operates the farm himself and is interested to sell and lease back,
  • a farmer who wishes to extend the farm with a specific land plot but has not enough capital,
  • an asset management agent acting on behalf of the land owner


your farm land or forest comply with our criteria, please contact us at Diese E-Mail-Adresse ist gegen Spambots geschützt! JavaScript muss aktiviert werden, damit sie angezeigt werden kann. or by calling +49 221 7571769

Please consider that the more information we receive from you, the quicker we will be able to estimate our potential interest and make you a competitive offer. Along with the basic information we will be thankful to receive:

  • maps and / or plans
  • photos
  • any evaluation report made in the past
  • any other materials to help us to “see” the land you would like to sell.