Farmland Management

Management of the acquired farmland portfolio is a key task to our team and implies a wide range of activities. One of the primary management areas is monitoring of existing leasing agreements and collection of leases.

Based on our leading principle – from Farmer to Farmer - we have set ourselves the following goals:

  • to develop long-term partnerships with the local farmers;
  • to promote sound farming practice;
  • by providing favourable and long term leasing contracts to give the farmers an opportunity to develop sustainable and efficient businesses;
  • to use our farming and agricultural consulting experience to ensure that the value of land will be enhanced further.

There are a number of other issues which require on-hands management, e.g. maintenance of buildings and constructions, hunting leases, forest management, liaison with various actors regarding electricity and water lines, building permissions, etc.

While operating internationally, it is a big challenge to comply with countries' individual legislative and regulative framework. Thus, in each country we have created a reliable network of professionals to support and develop our investment operations including agents, surveyors, lawyers, solicitors, tax advisors and accountants. We believe our ability to find the right people to work with is a key to our success.

In some cases we decide to enter direct operation of the acquired farmland. Also here, finding a right local partner is essential. While the local contractor ensures the daily operational activities, our team takes over the entire financial management as well as market reviews, records keeping and performance assessment. We work in close cooperation with the contractors and ensure efficient communication through biweekly reports and usage of modern farm management software.